Worksite safety for everyone.


for employees, contractors & visitors

$ 0.00

/ month

Receive site hazard & risk updates. Search and induct into work sites with a few finger taps. Stay aware of dangers with hazard notifications and create incident reports if an accident would occur. Receive SOP or employee training for site.

Always free
  • Induct & sign onto sites
  • Receive hazard notifications
  • Send hazard notifications to managers


For business managers and owners

$ 39.00

/ month

Health & safety management for your worksite. Complete management for your work site. Present & share health & safety information with others. Monitor work site activity and hazards with powerful administration tools.

Try free 30 days
  • Workers induct & sign onto sites
  • Receive risk & hazard notifications
  • Send hazard notifications to managers
  • Auto health & safety policy wizard
  • Auto hazard register wizard
  • Auto emergency procedure wizard
  • Invite workers to view your health & Safety profile
  • Provide employee & contractor inductions, sign in & out
  • Lone worker management tool
  • Record incident reports for a work site
  • Create work site risk maps
  • Employee training module
  • Unlimited employees
  • Unlimited managers
  • Unlimited contractors/visitors
  • Annual subscription $399 + GST (if applicable)
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Core +

Is your business expanding?

$ 9.00

/ site / month

Got multiple work sites? Add to your core worksite subscription as many additional locations or work sites as required. Zero Harm Site expands with your sites health and safety management requirements. A Core subscription is required.

Try free 30 days
  • Add as many or few work sites as required
  • Clear and precise pricing for corporate or large work site customers
  • Annual subscription $89 + GST / site / annum
  • A Core subscription is required


Checklist & Auditing Tool

$ 39.00

/ year

Need a customisable checklist or auditing tool for your team's work processes?

Coming soon
  • The Zero Harm Site Auditor tool delivers customisable checklists for maintenance, procedures and protocols, as required
  • Try Auditor FREE for seven days
  • A Core subscription is required


Managers Reporting Tool

$ 49.00

/ year

As a health & safety manager you need reports for research and the board?

Coming soon
  • The Zero Harm Site reporter tool delivers comprehensive reports on all worker induction, visits, incidents, notifications, training & more...
  • Try Reporter FREE for seven days
  • A Core subscription is required

Job Card

Health & Safety information sharing tool for site contractors

$ 79.00

/ year

Are you a contractor with employee's visiting customers’ workplaces? Want an easy way to share your H&S profile without creating a Zero Harm Site? Try our new job card...

Coming soon
  • Easily share your company's health & safety policy by creating a job card
  • Share the who, what, where and why of job safety with your customers
  • Get feedback from customers if there is anything your team will need to know before they arrive on site
  • A Core subscription is required


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