Packed with features.

It’s site safety in your pocket

Review, click and post – hazard identification in three easy steps. Templated, simplified and comprehensive. It’s site or worksite safety sorted.

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Intuitive visitor

As your visitors arrive, emailed the night before or completed weeks in advance. However you want to deliver them, your workplace safety inductions will be easy to understand, thorough and completed via desktop, tablet or smartphone. They’ll be quick for visitors to complete, intuitive to navigate and there’s not a piece of A4 in sight!

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sign in / out

Anywhere, anytime. Smartphone enabled signing in and out of visitors on your site makes recording the movement and location of contractors a breeze. That’s real peace of mind.

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Sweet looking

Interactive, Google Earth mapping of all serious harm hazards for clear identification. Open your site hazard map in Google maps via smart phone and your visitors/contractors can visualize their location in relation to all hazards on your property.

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Your site safety culture,
dash-boarded & archived

Add to, edit and store in the cloud your site hazard register. All visitors are smoothly inducted, all visits are documented, dated and time stamped for peace of mind and easy future reference.

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Heaps of helpful resources
at your fingertips

Complete your forms for site incident reporting, link to regulators (if required) and stored for future reference. There’s no paper, it’s compliance made simple.

Easily reach
your contractors

Need to contact a contractor? Simply click on the highlighted mobile number and call directly from your mobile device or via VOIP service if you’re logged in via a PC.

All temporary hazards
displayed direct to contractors

Any temporary hazards on your site or worksite are automatically displayed and acknowledged by contractors as they sign in, removing the need for unwanted or unread paper work.

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Update your hazard register
24 hours a day

Zero Harm Site allows you to update hazards in real time, 24 hours a day and from any location. This ensures visitors are always kept informed of your workplace’s risks and hazards.

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your employees

Zero Harm Site is not only a management tool for contractors and visitors, you can also add and manage employees to the Zero Harm Site platform.

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Record your
Employee training

Create training subjects, select employees and record all hazard based training of your team within the application. Use the supplied examples of training manuals or upload your own. All training stored in the cloud and confirmed by your employees via their user account.

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View who’s

View inductions and visitors easily using the dashboard. You can see who is on your site or workplace and you’ll be notified of their arrival.


Advanced incident reporting allows you to report all incidents and save them to the cloud for secure, safe storage.

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Assign a site or workplace manager to help assist with your H&S system or an instructor to train a employee. Roles can be assigned to help streamline your health and safety work flow.

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