Registering and inducting as a contractor

Registering as a contractor is a easy process and only takes a couple of minutes, once the contractor has created an account they will be ready to induct into your farm. We have created a tutorial video which is embedded below into this page and will provide you with all the get go information!



Video Transcript:

This tutorial will show you how to register an account and how to induct into the farm of your choosing.

begin by visiting, once this page has loaded click “Create account” which is located at the bottom of the page

Register to Zero harm Farm by adding and confirming your email address

Enter and confirm the password of your choosing

Enter your name

Ensure you have read the terms of service and checked the box

Click Register

On successful registration you will be prompted with the message “ You have been successfully registered. Now you can log in”

You can proceed by logging in with your new credentials

Once you have logged in you will be presented with a list of published farms, these farms are available to induct into.

You can search for a farm name or region to filter out the list

You can either click on the interactive map or on the Farm Name from the list

You are now viewing the farms profile

To induct into the farm, click “Complete induction”

Inductions are a onetime event which will involve understanding the farms hazards and rules. We advise all contractors to understand each step before proceeding, for the purpose of this tutorial we will skip through the stages

Once you have read through the hazards you will be prompted to induct

Excellent you have made a onetime induction; you can now proceed to signing into the farm

Click the Sign In button at the top of the page

If there are any temporary hazards which the farmer has listed, they will be listed here.

Click Sign In

Congratulations you are now signed into the farm, this can be done on arrival of the farm entrance or prior to leaving.

It is you, the contractor’s responsibility to conform the farms rules at all time and remember to sign out at the end of the session.

This can be done anytime by logging into the application and clicking “Sign Out”

The farmer will be notified of each induction, sign in and sign out phase.



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